Tuesday, April 8, 2014

 Out of the Box - Events on Videoconference?

Thinking out of the box.  Today’s business, education, religious, political and entertainment worlds require constant thinking out of the box to compete with those who do.

Travel weary road warriors, security, events, trade shows, sales, training all require new competitive advantages that leverage modern technology.  The advantages of High Quality, Low-Latency Videoconference are many.

First, it is secure and encrypted.  A conference can be setup so that only authorized participants can join and no one can "bomb" a session and interrupt it.  Encryption means that it is HIPPA and military certified for security.  You have the control to set a PIN number, or lock the room so no one else can enter, or disconnect someone if they are not invited.

Second and most important reason is that Vidyo services are H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Coding).  I will spare the technical details, but that means that each connection's bandwidth is constantly adjusted to each end users available bandwidth, without affecting any other connection.  Some free services send full bandwidth for each connection to each participant.  That limits the availability to only a small number of connections.  With our conference system, whether you have 2 or 200 connections the High Def Quality is the same!  And, each user can adjust the screen for their optimum presentation.

It is quality that looks good on a computer, in a conference room or on a giant theatre screen.

 Third, is full duplex, low-latency, high quality audio.  Full duplex means anyone can talk at any time with no delay or at the same time as others - like a telephone conversation. No annoying mute or people confused by who is talking.

Fourth, we have the ability to share and chat. You can share anything on a desktop (PowerPoint, whiteboard, etc.) where a participant can double click it and see it full screen - no squinting to see it.  You can also walk around with an iPad or Windows tablet and change slides, highlight text or draw on a white board like a real meeting room!  Chat privately, or with the whole group.  (Optionally, it can be recorded in High Def for later playback over the internet, edited for content, or simultaneously streamed to up to 300 participants.)
Finally, you can connect to any device on any network anywhere.  That includes everything from pc’s to MACS, to iPhones, iPads and Android devices and any brand legacy videoconference system on a corporate campus or add in another one of a different codec at a remote campus or corporate videoconference room. (It works perfectly with 4G and is possible to hold meetings with 3G with lower frame rate.)

There are many more advantages as well. Why struggle with limited services or always be “on the road”, if very low-cost professional and feature rich cloud-based options are available?

Dave Desmarais is President & Founder of Perinata Inc., a firm specializing in cost-effective remote solutions for Communications, Broadcast and Electronic Events.
Contact Dave Desmarais at:

Phone: 864-885-1918
Website:  www.perinata.com

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